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Put Palestine On The Agenda – Lobby Your Candidates – Bristol Election Debate Protest

Posted by anti militarist on April 18, 2010

The issue of justice for the Palestinians has never been more urgent. 1.5 million Palestinians living in Gaza are now into their fourth year of living under a horrific and brutal siege. And Israel is continuing its illegal settlement building programme throughout the West Bank and East Jerusalem, further entrenching its illegal occupation.

Use the palestine solidarity campaigning tool to contact your candidates and let them know the strength of public feeling for a just resolution for Palestine, and make them aware that this is a key election issue.

Bristol Election Debate – Demonstration – Thursday 22nd April 2010

A number of groups have already called for protests – Bristol Stop War, Bristol IWW, and others. The decommissioners add our voice to the autonomous call for action and we call for the three party leaders to put Palestine back on the agenda. We call for them to make steps towards putting an end to Israel’s violations of international law. For more information about planned protests read

Also for those who haven’t already, sign the decommissioner petition calling for an immediate arms embargo with Israel.


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