Support The EDO Decommissioners

Putting Arms Exports To Israel On Trial

Sign Our Petition

Our new petition will be handed into the Foreign Office the Thursday prior to the trial of the decommissioners

Please Sign here

or underneath is the original petition set up in January . .

view the badly written original petition!


13 Responses to “Sign Our Petition”

  1. viv morgan said

    Here we all support you good brave people

  2. mo said

    bravo – cut them off at the source!

  3. Martin MacMaolain said

    Excellent work, we send you love and solidarity from Dublin!

  4. cameron said

    our children will thank you!

  5. Jeremy Clarke said

    Full support in your fight for justice against the warmongers & armament producers

  6. Sister Mary Lee Cox, OSF said

    May you be strengthened by the support all around the world for peacemakers like you who stand with you. Your courage is commendable.

  7. Cletus Stein said


  8. Sandy Hay said

    Sending my love and support, in solidarity with you from

  9. Joyce Asfour said

    Thank you for putting your body where your beliefs call you.

  10. Rita Swan said

    Thank you for your courage and commitment to peace and justice.

  11. You are leading the way with your courage.

  12. BRAVO! Resist these arm supplying to kill the innocent in Gaza as our government does play a part in this without even controlling the media like the BBC! The massacre in Gaza with British arms besides those of Israelis is a disgrace to Humanity.

  13. Atiya Munir said

    Your were very brave to take such direct action. I admire your courage.

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