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Putting Arms Exports To Israel On Trial

Messages Of Support & Solidarity

Bloody hell Sarge, it looks like a bomb's hit the place!


United Nations  War Crimes Commision states

“On principle that any civilian who is an accessory to a violation of the laws and customs of war is himself also liable as a war criminal”

Please post messages of support for the decommisioners who thought the lives of Palestinian Children were more important than ever increasing corperate profits. 



27 Responses to “Messages Of Support & Solidarity”

  1. I am full of admiration for the decommisioners at EDO. I shall start to e-mail out this story. The anti-war movement must give it support and practical solidarity.


  2. Ulla Røder said

    Thans to all of you for doing exactly what is most needed.
    Decommission of the weaponindustries is the first place to start if you want peace and urgently want to stop the ongoing killings in Gaza as well as in all other conflict and warzones.
    I will suport you all I am able to.
    Keep up the spirit.

  3. Diane said

    It’s about time something got done about war and people getting rich on it. As well as being evil it’s so unequal with one side
    fighting with toy weapons and the other with weapons that can wipe out the entire world population. Stop the people who eat and live the high life off peoples misery and destruction.
    Use the technology to build peoples lives and happiness not destroy them.
    Build bikes not bombs.
    Well done de-commissioners

  4. J Woodhead said

    Thank you to the decommissioners. Direct action appears to be the only way to make people notice what’s going on. Well done to all of you.

  5. smashraytheon1 said

    well done
    from the buddhist

  6. Spanner said

    What an inspiration to us all. I hope this story makes its way to gaza and plants seeds of hope there too. EDO have been told in no uncertain terms every week for over 4 years that people will not stand for murderers in their communities profiteering from the suffering of others. They did not listen and now they have been stopped, it is that simple. Would have loved to see the look on Paul Hills face, disgusting excuse for a man that he is, when he realised his domain, his death machine had been violated and destroyed. It sends the message out to these people loud and clear. WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE, WE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, AND WE WILL NOT LET YOU GET AWAY FOR IT.
    Please encourage every institution, individual and group that you know to come out in public support for this action.
    Big up all of you, you did us proud!

  7. Solidarity with the Decommisioners and their defendants campaign!

    There’s going to be a benefit night on February 14 at the The Plough in Kilburn St, Easton, Bristol BS5. With bands and DJ’s. £4 requested donation on the door. Funds raised will be split equally between the Decommisioners campaign and prisoners of the ongoing Greek rebellion.

    Come along and show your support!

  8. anon said

    Solidarity from Cambridge Gaza Solidarity. A brave action for a good cause.

  9. Respect for the action.
    If you need any more benefits organising , we be up for helping,
    One Love and Respect.

  10. solidarity said

    The following Bristol-based activist groups declare their total support for the EDO Decommissioners and the actions that took place on Saturday 17th January 2009. ITT-EDO MDM had to be decommissioned to prevent them from producing further weaponry to be used to kill innocents. The action was taken in solidarity with the people of Palestine and the following groups stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine and with the EDO Decommissioners.

    Kebele Social Centre
    ABC Bristol
    Smash Raytheon
    Bristol Palestine Solidarity Campaign
    Bristol Rising Tide
    Climate Camp- West-side Neighbourhood
    Bristol No Borders
    Bristol Antifa
    Bristol Animal Rights Collective
    Bristol Housing Action Movement
    Bristol Space Invaders

  11. Much solidarity and thanks to the good folks who took this nonviolent direct action against the weapons of war. I recently viewed the “On the Verge” DVD and was impressed by the engagement of the war on the Middle east by the the practical focus on the local contribution at EDO Brighton.

    We did likewise in Ireland, ended up in jail initially, on bail with restrictive conditions and dragged through three trials before being finally acquitted 06 of $U.S. 2 1/2 million criminal damage to a U.S. war plane refuelling at Shannon Airport en route to the invasion of Iraq 03

    I wasn’t so lucky in the first Gulf war serving 13 months in U.S. prisons for disabling a B52 Bomberin New York state 91.

    The conclusions I’ve drawn from these varied experiences is the more solidarity the resister receives during these times before the courts and incarcerated the easier the resistance is going to be.

    I’d set up a legal defence fund immediately and make it as easy as possible for people who want to support to support. In my experience the bulk of finances raised and support initially harnessed is in these initial daze. The large demonstrations around Palestine will now quickly evaporate as those who organise them move on to to other issues to chase for electoral profile and party building. So it’s important to engage these folks recently mobilised in ongoing solidarity before they disappear from the streets.

    If our and the B52 Fairford cases are anything to go buy this is going to be a long journey through the courts and possibly beyond…it provides a context if creative tension to continue the camapign against EDO and solidarity with the Palestinians and EDO’s other victims.

    Once again congratulations to all those who risked their liberty to confront EDO and those doing the ongoing solidarity.

    Ciaron O’Reilly
    Pitstop Ploughshares 03
    Jabiluka Ploughshares 98
    ANZUS Ploughshares 91


  12. Milan Rai Co-editor, Peace News said


    As your front-page headline (Morning Star January 19th) points out, the Gaza slaughter is not finished.
    Now, more than ever, the people of Gaza need solidarity, material aid in reconstructing after this savage onslaught and political support in bringing to an end the Israeli siege.
    It is excellent news that the Progressive London conference today will be devoting time to the Gaza crisis. Let us hope that concrete proposals are made for fundraising and for anti-siege campaigning.
    One strand of campaigning must be non-violent direct action,
    like the weeks-long occupation of the rooftop of Raytheon in Bristol and the disarming of the EDO/MBM facility in Brighton last Saturday, where significant damage appears to have been done to the arms factory.
    Such brave efforts against the arms exports to Israel deserve the support of the entire anti-war movement.
    We know the cost that economic santions had on the people of Iraq after they had been battered by the shattering blow of the 1991 Gulf war. We cannot permit Israel to perpetrate the same crime against the people of Gaza.
    Co-editor, Peace News

    The above letter has been copied from the letters page of the Morning Star – Saturday 24th January, 2009 (pare 10).

  13. Richard said

    A big huge THANKYOU to you all for your bold and courageous action.
    On every level it will highlight what is going on -the links between the murder and maiming of the Palestinians and ‘the factory down the road where uncle John works’, the madness of a society that locks people up for taking action to stop the slaughter whilst allowing the ‘respectable’ profiteers to go free and continue their trade in suffering. In the prison both the lags and the screws will be made aware of this fact and the fact that if you want to be a serial killer then dont just kill half a dozen people -work for an arms company and slaughter thousands of people in another country and then you will be richly rewarded for your efforts rather than locked up in prison!

    Yes, this will make a huge number of people think and question things -your friends and families, the friends neighbours and families of the people who work in that factory, everyone who works in the legal system involving your case, from magistrates and judges to the police and prison warders; everyone who hears about it through the media…and everyone who these people talk to!
    Thanks again

  14. c said

    Direct action in solidarity with EDO 2 – Brighton

    @ | 30.03.2009 11:40 | Anti-militarism | Palestine | Social Struggles | World
    In the night of 29 March 2009, the prison probation service building of Brighton was attacked with paintbombs and spraypaint signs “No War” & “EDO 2”. The HSBC bank next door was also smashed windows.

    These actions have been taken in solidarity with the ‘EDO 2’, Robert and Elijah, that are jailed in this period because they attacked the factory of arms EDO in Brighton (suppliers of the Israeli army). With these energies we wish to extend the fight against the objectives of the judicial and capitalist system. We can only attack one or two targets this time but the unique attacks they express always to us our rage against the total network of oppression.

    Thus these energies are taken also in the solidarity and the collective effort with those that fight the NATO summit in Strasbourg and those that take the streets in London against the G20 this week.

    Solidarity means attack – For a hot summer.


  15. decommissioner said

    non violent direct action takes many forms it could take the form of a letter.
    Write to the EDO 2.
    How exactly are we going to Free the Edo2?
    My friends are in jail for trying to prevent a terrible crime, while Gordon Brown has offered more young men, unemployed and desperate ,jobs in the army, so that they can be sold to the U.S.Corporate state as cannon fodder.
    While they tell us they have abolished slavery they are still trafficking in people…and what if you don’t want to work for the corporation, you think a tree is better than yet another tesco…what do we do with all this unfulfilled energy?

  16. Jeremy Clarke said

    I am writing on behalf of Bristol Stop The War Coalition to express our support for the EDO de-commssioners.

    We will be proposing a resolutuon at the national Stop The War conference on 25th April calling on Stop The War nationally to support the de-commissioners.

    We already receive regular updates as to the progress of the case and will continue to publicise the case and actions surrounding it to our supporters. Please let me know if there is anything specific we can do to help.

    Best wishes

    Jeremy Clarke
    (for Bristol Stop The War Coalition)

  17. Sorry I just now heard of this. These were such brave and good people!

  18. […] Messages of support can be posted on their website… […]

  19. bert said

    Well done

    the people in this country have become to accepting and things just go by unnoticed!

  20. Adam Flude said

    genocide |ˈjenəˌsīd|
    the deliberate killing of a large group of people, esp. those of a particular ethnic group or nation.

    These brave people deserve medals, not jail. We want more people to say NO to the Israeli government’s genocide now.

    Wishing ultimate peace and love to Israelis and Palestinians – if you watch Simone Bitton’s moving and profound film “Wall” you will see that Israelis who wish to love their Palestinian neighbours are shamefully “not allowed” to meet them to build bridges and show their humanity.

    Israeli settlements must be frozen now, so peace talks can begin. Till Israel allows Palestinians their state including East Jerusalem and makes fullest possible reparations, it is our moral duty to protest and to refuse to purchase any Israeli goods. You can also help the Palestinian people by buyibg their produce – Zaytoun Olive Oil and Soaps etc.

  21. Derek Fraser said

    Your courage will inspire others to fight oppression wherever they find it.Viva Palestine!!

  22. Stephen Brackenridge said

    I applaud your heroic and utterly necessary actions. I wish you all the best in your trial.

  23. Direct action seems to be the necessary way forward. Marching from A to B in a controlled demos, even if there are 2 million people,is not achieving much! Congratulations on courageous action.

  24. Brian Glaister said

    Congratulations for trying to stop the crimes of Israel.

  25. Noam Chomsky said

    I have just learned about your act of protest against UK
    participation in the savage and criminal US-backed Israeli attack
    against Gaza. I would like to express my strong support for your
    courageous and honorable actions, and hope very much that they will
    inspire others to join you in protest against such atrocities.

    Noam Chomsky

  26. Ed-o said

    10 months inside without trial Posted on Palestianian Mothers website on November 23, 2009 at 11:43am
    The message sent back for James is very good – read on…

    10 months ago, on 18 January 2009, Elijah Smith A former British Soldier was arrested in Brighton. He had spent the previous night decommissioning the EDO/MBM/ITT factory in Brighton, in an attempt to stop it providing parts for weapons being used by the Israeli army to bomb civilians in Gaza. Nobody was injured or harassed during their action, which was one of property damage. He and his co-defendants did not resist arrest.

    resisting war crimes is not a crime

    Exactly 10 months on and Elijah Smith is still on remand. Yes that’s right – 10 months in prison without trial. And it looks as if he is likely to remain in prison until the trial actually starts, probably on 17 May 2010, by which time he’ll have spent 16 months on remand.

    Elijah is currently at Bristol prison, please write to him in solidarity: Elijah Smith VP7551, HMP Bristol, 19 Cambridge Rd, Horfield, Bristol, BS7 8PS

    He will be there until late November. On 30 November/1 December he and the other Decommissioners will be at Brighton courts for a ‘case management’ session relating to their trial next May. At the same time, Elijah and another decommissioner, also known as the Raytheon 2 (previously the Raytheon 3, but 3rd defendant’s charges dropped), will have that case discussed at the same court – the prosecution are trying to have the Raytheon and EDO cases linked, and a decision is due on that then. Elijah faces a third court case, currently set for 2 August 2010, which relates to alleged threatening comments he made to the EDO/MBM CEO during a previous court hearing.

    Add a Comment

    You need to be a member of Palestinian Mothers to add comments!Join this Ning Network
    Comment by Ghyslaine ROC 22 hours ago

    We are living in a world where humans are regarded as evolved animals, and animals behave like animals!

    If I did not have any family or loved ones, I am sure I would not let any of those evolved apes lay their filthy hands on me and enjoy their comfort afterwards!

    What of Habeas Corpus?

    Actions that do not bring positive results should never be undertaken. Never forget that we have only one life, and it is very precious. And without freedom, what can we achieve unless we go preaching the Good News in jail?

    There are many ways to cripple the weapons of traffickers in death and immorality. What enrages me is that those who have access to the public do not push for the best weapon in our arsenal: ECONOMIC BOYCOTT! Boycott will provide positive reasults overnight. If others do not follow, it does not matter. At least, we willl never be accomjplices in crime.

    By voting for murderers, by paying taxes without demanding accountability, by accepting to be driven like cattle to the slaughter house, we make their task much easier.

    There are some interesting lessons to learn from even David Icke regarding how to deal with this kind of situation!

    I am always sad about humans having to spend time in prison even if they are criminals. I hate prisons (even for animals) and if it were me, I would abolish all prisons on the planet! It is a shame for a civilised country to keep prisons where inmates are brutalised, raped, sodomised as it this was quite normal!

    One of my mentors used to tell the authorities and to the Police face to face: If you ever put me in jail even 24 hours, do not ever let me out at all! That is how strong he feels about freedom!

    Why should anybody be deprived of their freedom for trying to prevent the murder of innocent and defenceless people? This can happen in a fascist state, under a dictatorship but not in any democracy unless the people really want injustice as law of the land. Anyway, I hate democracy (DEMONCRACY) as it always ends up in dictatorship. I believe in a Republic where every citizen is really equal, and has inalienable rights!

    This is the reason why I never watch films where they depict the life of prisoners. Jailers are worse than Nazis, Bolsheviks, Maoists and Polpotists put together!

    I am sorry, but learning that people who defend justice are jailed makes me real angry!

    25/11/6009 Comment by Ghyslaine ROC on November 23, 2009 at 8:38pm Is there anyway of contacting his family or his loved ones? RSS

  27. Levellers said

    Support from Levellers!

    Levellers are currently on tour in mainland Europe.

    We would like to wish the decommissioners well in their efforts. we support their action and will continue to do so throughout the court case.

    We had no idea that there was such a factory of this kind in Brighton, so hopefully the resulting publicity will make more people aware of this disturbing fact

    best wishes


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