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  1. Tee Tree said

    Arrests of Israeli war criminals
    Gordon Brown, the British war criminal, has said he plans to block arrest warrants for war criminals like himself and Israeli war criminals.

    Last December war criminal Tzipi Livni, one of Israel’s major war criminals cancelled a visit to the UK after a court issued an arrest warrant for her in relation to the horrific and Nazi-like war crimes she committed during the Gaza war.

    But Brown said that Britain could not “afford to arrest foreign war criminals as the present British Government was full of Iraqi war criminals”.

    He said that the country’s principle of universal jurisdiction, which allows judges to issue warrants for visiting war criminal should be abandoned.

    “There is now significant danger of such a provision being exploited by law abiding organisations or individuals who set out only to help enforce international law,” he said.

    Haaretz newspaper reports that today Gordon Brown will present Parliament with a change in the law that will stop “arrest warrants for Israeli politicians and military-man being issued” – rough translation!

    How did this get past us?
    סוכנויות הידיעות
    ר“מ בריטניה יציג היום לוועדה של הפרלמנט שינויים בחקיקה שימנעו הוצאת צווי מעצר נגד פשעי מלחמה לאנשי ביטחון ומדינאים ישראלים

    Hebrew text of the reporting on
    The Times says differently
    04.03.2010 08:17

    That’s an interesting discrepency then
    Because a million other papers say just this:

    Brown to restrict war crimes prosecution for events abroad after warrants issued for Israelis –,0,4576521.story

    UK to restrict prosecution for war crimes abroad –

    Britain in law change bid after Livni warrant –

    Britain in law change bid after Israel warrant row –

    So which is it?

    are we reading the same thing?
    They say the same thing. That it’s not been decided what will happen, but that due to what happened with Livni they are thinking of making reforms. Nothing concrete one way or the other. No less troubling I’ll grant you though.

    Hate and Understanding
    I personally do not hate them. I believe I understand why they act in the way the do much like I believe I understand why Hitler acted in a similar fashion. I understand it enough to know that these people are the enemies of social justice.

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