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James Smith – Freed From Lewes Prison

Posted by anti militarist on July 9, 2010

Elijah James Smith was finally freed from Lewes prison on Wednesday 7th July. All of the decommissioners had been found unanimously not guilty last Friday, but James still had to apply for bail and is now tied to strict bail conditions, including not visiting Brighton.

James has spent over 18 months on remand for preventing war crimes, he has endured more than most could even imagine and his commitment to peace and the end to the immoral trade in arms is impressive to say the least.

James said “Thanks to everyone for your support and especially those who wrote letters, responding to them helped me pass the time.”

Meanwhile, the campaign continues weapon components used in war crimes around the world are still being made in Brighton, and unless we push for the closure of EDO/ITT they will continue to be. Although the not guilty verdict is a victory, it is not THE victory. “We will be here until EDO isn’t” For upto date information on the campaign keep an eye on


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