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Five Not Guilty, Two Left Waiting . . .

Posted by anti militarist on July 1, 2010

Yesterday five of the seven remaining EDO decommissioners, on trial in Brighton for damaging the EDO arms factory during last year’s attack on Gaza, were found unanimously not guilty. The other two verdicts are expected Friday, as the court isn’t sitting today (Thursday 1st June).

The defendants successfully argued in court that they were acting to prevent war crimes against the people of Gaza. EDO MBM have been shown to be complicit in these crimes by supplying parts for F16 aircraft.

After being acquitted, one of the five, Ornella Saibene, said: “I’m proud of what I’ve done. It was the right thing to do.” the crowd gathered outside the court obviously agreed with her. Another decommissioner was heard saying “the campaign has been an inspiration to all of us and after this verdict an investigation should be launched into ITT’s bussiness here in the UK”

Noam Chomsky said on hearing the news “I would like to express my respect and admiration for those who are undertaking non-violent resistance to oppose British participation in Israel’s cruel and illegal crimes in Gaza.”

The court case will continue on friday support is still very welcome.


2 Responses to “Five Not Guilty, Two Left Waiting . . .”

  1. Ben Wadham (Jock) said

    Well done on an excellent result. Please let me know if you need anything from my transcript of the trial. regards, Jock.

  2. Janet Green said

    Congratulations to everyone involved, I hope you know what a fantastic boost to our moral this is. Everyone is so impressed.

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