Support The EDO Decommissioners

Putting Arms Exports To Israel On Trial

Support the Decommissioners Public Meeting -Saturday 5th June Brighton

Posted by anti militarist on June 2, 2010

5.30pm, Community Base, Queen’s Road Brighton

On 17th January 2009, as Israeli bombs rained down on Gaza, six people broke into the EDO factory in Brighton and decommissioned the production line damaging their capability to make weapons to be used against Gazan civilians.

At this public meeting, just two days before the start of the  decommissioners trial, where they will argue that their actions were justified, we will discuss EDO’s complicity in war crimes worldwide.


COLM BRYCE – Colm is one of the Raytheon 9, who, during the Israeli bombing of Lebanon, broke into the Raytheon plant in Derry and  decommissioned it. They were acquitted in 2008 after arguing their actions were legally justified –

GUY SMALLMAN – On May 4th 2009 NATO a B1 bomber dropped bombs on the village of Granai killing up to 140 civilians. Guy Smallman visited
the scene shortly afterward. The B1 bomber utilizes components  supplied by EDO/ITT in Brighton.



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