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Decommissioners dinner & SchMovie night – Sunday 9th May 2010

Posted by anti militarist on May 8, 2010

Sunday 9 May, 6.30 to 10pm, at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY

The trial of the Bristol EDO Decommissioners, and their 3 fellow defendants from Brighton, is fast approaching, Come and show your support for the Decommissioners, and catch some great anti-EDO footage, at Kebele's regular Sunday night vegan cafe.

Supporters of the Decommissioners will be doing their bit in the kitchen,and serving up a veritable vegan feast from 6.30pm, for a donation of
£2/3. A Decommissioner will be present to give updates on their situation.After the dinner, the Decommissioner will introduce some classic footage
from the Smash EDO campaign, showing excerpts from the SCHmovie dvd 'Reports from the Verge'.

Note that this Schnews Schmovie if a fundraiser for anti-militarist prisoners. You can get copies on the night from Kebele Infoshop, or buy it direct online from Schnews (see below).

For news from the Smash EDO campaign
For film info and more films from Schnews see

Solidarity with the Decommissioners and all those in the anti-militarist


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