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Israeli Navy Massacres at-least nine on the Freedom Flotilla in International Waters

Posted by anti militarist on May 31, 2010

The Israeli Navy massacres at-least 9 possibly more than 20 unarmed humanitarian aid activists in international waters and injures dozens. The Freedom Flotilla had European MEPs, priests, people from many nationalities, including Israeli, and 10,000 tons of aid to the 3-year besieged Gaza.  This is absolutely disgusting, the time to act is now.

Support Freedom Flotilla


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Trial begins 7th June 2010 – Hove Crown Court

Posted by anti militarist on May 19, 2010

9am on Monday 7th of June support the decommissioners vigil outside Hove Crown Court.

Bristol Stop The War are arranging a minibus to leave Bristol to go to the vigil to book a place email

The Trial is now going to last a maximum of 7 weeks. Smash EDO have called a day of verdict demo, whatever the verdict the pressure on EDO/ITT will not stop. Chloe Marsh a spokeswomen for the campaign said “we will be here until edo isn’t”

If you haven’t already a quick and easy way to support is, is to sign our petition calling for an immediate arms embargo with Israel.

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Decommissioners dinner & SchMovie night – Sunday 9th May 2010

Posted by anti militarist on May 8, 2010

Sunday 9 May, 6.30 to 10pm, at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY

The trial of the Bristol EDO Decommissioners, and their 3 fellow defendants from Brighton, is fast approaching, Come and show your support for the Decommissioners, and catch some great anti-EDO footage, at Kebele's regular Sunday night vegan cafe.

Supporters of the Decommissioners will be doing their bit in the kitchen,and serving up a veritable vegan feast from 6.30pm, for a donation of
£2/3. A Decommissioner will be present to give updates on their situation.After the dinner, the Decommissioner will introduce some classic footage
from the Smash EDO campaign, showing excerpts from the SCHmovie dvd 'Reports from the Verge'.

Note that this Schnews Schmovie if a fundraiser for anti-militarist prisoners. You can get copies on the night from Kebele Infoshop, or buy it direct online from Schnews (see below).

For news from the Smash EDO campaign
For film info and more films from Schnews see

Solidarity with the Decommissioners and all those in the anti-militarist

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Raytheon 9 Film & talk by Joanne Baker – Tuesday 11th May 7.30pm

Posted by anti militarist on May 1, 2010

Bristol Stop the War in conjunction with the EDO decommissioners will be showing the Raytheon 9 film at the Magpie Arts Centre on Picton St. (Ashley rd entrance) Plus Joanne Baker will be talking on the devastation inflicted on Iraq by the bombing and the occupation forces.
The Raytheon 9 film describes how, on the 12th August 2006, during the Israeli military campaign against Lebanon, 9 men stormed an arms factory in Derry, Northern Ireland. They caused an estimated £350,000 worth of damage and were arrested. They denied nothing, yet the jury acquitted them of all charges.

Joanne Baker has been actively engaged with the humanitarian situation in Iraq since 1997. She visited Iraq between 1999 and 2004 and has witnessed first hand the devastating effects of the High Tech weapons used by the coalition forces. She defied sanctions and entered Iraq with a rucksack full of medicines and visited the Hospitals and returned to Britain informing people that new and terrible weapons were causing similar deformities in births as in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. She has written an informative and concise book about Depleted Uranium and the devastation it has reaped in Iraq.She is a teacher, human ecologist and human rights campaigner, she talks both with humanitarian compassion and political insight.

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