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A Message From Elijah ‘James’ Smith

Posted by anti militarist on April 26, 2010

A short while ago some of our supporters at Bristol Abc recieved a letter from James that he asked to be published on the decommissioners blog. The Judge referred too is the one from the hearing in early March who considered our right to put our defence forward. Here it is

Dear Jedi’s

At last the trial is nearly here, jobsagoodun, time to expose the wrongness of the wronguns. The Judge was a cross between the fonz from happy days and a master yoda, the prosecutors arguements unsustainable. He was dressed like a ninja too i want one of those suits! The opinion of my neighbours is that he is the fairest judge of all the possibilities, all good so far!

Thanks to everyone whose written to us and supported to us. I enjoy writting back to people so please put an address on every time. I’ve been looking for an address to write back too for two weeks and can’t find one so can’t reply. Whats worse is i keep looking cos its doing my head in!

Yeah lily postmark gatwick its all your fault i’ve designed panniers for your bicycle out of materials for zero dinero. I shall try send them telepathically. Ommmmm-Uh!!!

May The Force Be With You All. Thanks For Your Support

Elijah Smith

As you can see, despite 15 months on remand, found guilty without a trial. Elijah’s spirit is still strong and he can’t wait for the trial to begin.Please continue to write to him, Elijah Smith, A3186AM , HMP Lewes , 1 Brighton Rd,Lewes, Sussex, BN7 1EA ENGLAND please include a stamped addressed envelope so he can write back to you easily.

Bristol supporters are continuing to send Elijah a donation every week to make prison life remotely bearable. If you’d like to contribute funds to the support campaign then please send cheques made payable to the ‘Decommissioners’ to the decommissioners,  Booty Shop, Po Box 6, 82 Colston Street, Bristol. BS1 5BB


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