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Resisting War Crimes Is Not A Crime – Elijah Smiths Prison Number Changed Again.

Posted by anti militarist on January 18, 2010

More than 1400 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces between December 27th and January18th, more than 400 of which were children. They deliberately targeted individuals in their homes, schools, hospitals as well as U.N compounds.

EDO MBM make vital components for the Paveway munitions, and bomb release clips for F15 and F16 fighter aircraft and have contracts with the Israeli Military

During the bombardment six ordinary people took disarmament into their own hands for the well-being of those in Gaza where governments and international law  failed to act.

“If you hear the sound of a child being brutalised in the house next door and you rush in to smash the door down and save the child, should you be charged with breaking and entering? Obviously not.” Wrote  Eamonn McCann of the Raytheon 9.

Nine people have been charged with Criminal Damage, and conspiracy to cause criminal damage, they have put their freedom on the line and they need your support, especially Elijah James Smith a year on remand without trial.

Elijah Smith was transferred back from Elmley Prison in Kent on Monday 1st  March Following the preliminary court hearing.

Letters of support now really important as he’s been inside for over a year without trial.

Note new prisoner reference number from March 2010

Elijah Smith, A3186AM , HMP Lewes , 1 Brighton Rd, Lewes, Sussex, BN7 1EA ENGLAND

For those who can visit, times are 2pm-4pm daily

Please start sending letters of support or visiting to keep his spirits up and please Sign Our Petition


One Response to “Resisting War Crimes Is Not A Crime – Elijah Smiths Prison Number Changed Again.”

  1. decommisioners said

    H and K action – Notts
    The international sales office of arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch was
    shut down on Thursday 18th February by anti-arms-trade activists.

    The six activists arrived at H&K’s Nottingham warehouse building before
    any employees turned up. Using D-locks and arm-tubes, one pair locked
    themselves to the staff entrance while another pair blockaded the goods
    gate. Meanwhile the other two gained access to the roof and hung
    anti-arms-trade banners on the front of the building.

    One of the banners accused H&K of “arming repressive regimes” while the
    other, a German banner displayed in solidarity with anti-arms-trade
    campaigners from H&K’s home turf, translated as “arms exports are
    facilitating murder”.

    This action succeeded in shutting the company down for the whole day.
    Employees and deliveries were turned away; the phones went unanswered; no
    arms deals were done. H&K Managing Director Mike Thornton arrived to
    personally ask the blockaders to leave but they remained in place until
    they were cut free by police specialists.

    It took police six and a half hours to remove the blockade and nearly
    eight hours to get the protesters down from the roof. A supportive
    employee of the company next door to H&K tried to bring mugs of tea to the
    blockaders, but was prevented by police, who falsely claimed that they
    could use Section 14 of the Public Order Act to deny the protesters food
    and drink.

    Heckler & Koch was targeted for this action because of the company’s sales
    of weapons to armed forces that are known to commit human rights abuses,
    and because of the company’s licensing of other countries to manufacture
    H&K weapons – a strategy that allows the company to evade arms embargoes
    and profit from the sale of weapons to repressive regimes.

    These concerns were set out in an open letter from the Shut Down H&K
    campaign to Heckler & Koch in December 2009. The company has yet to reply
    to the letter.

    After being removed from the arms company’s premises, the six activists
    were arrested and taken to Nottingham’s Bridewell police station. They
    have been charged with Aggravated Trespass and subjected to bail
    conditions that prevent them from associating with each other. Their first
    court appearance will be on Tuesday 2nd March at 09:45 at Nottingham
    Magistrates’ Court.

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