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January 18th 2010 – Remember Gaza Smash EDO – Brighton

Posted by anti militarist on January 13, 2010

Remember Gaza - January 18th 2010, Brighton

To find out what happened on the day click here.


One Response to “January 18th 2010 – Remember Gaza Smash EDO – Brighton”

  1. decommisioners said

    Just a quick message of hope…

    Yesterday, US arms manufacturers Raytheon, made a formal announcement that
    they will pull out of Derry city before the end of next month. While I
    am quite confident they will spin the story to make it look like it is
    part of their global restructuring plan…..the power of protest and
    persistence can not be underestimated on this one. For years, people in
    Derry have continued to campaign against the plant and at least twenty one
    people have been hauled before the courts with a raft of charges against
    them including trespass, criminal damage etc. etc… Nine women are due
    up in court again on March 8th for entering the plant during last winters
    bombing campaign on Palestine. They are confident and looking forward to
    the court battle which significantly will begin on international women’s
    day. So just thought I’d drop a line of hope and congratulate all those
    who have continued this struggle over the past number of years….
    Beir bua,

    Anti-Militarist Network / Announcements

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