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Posted by anti militarist on November 19, 2009

Elijah Smith is still in jail 1 year on from his part in the decommissioning of the EDO/MBM/ITT factory in Brighton.  EDO make parts for the weapons  used by the Israeli army to bomb civilians in Gaza. Nobody was injured or harassed during their action, which was one of damage to property only. Elijah and his co-defendants did not resist arrest.

The trial will now be held on May 17th in the Brighton area

Matters are looking worse and worse for Elijah who is still on remand after one year in gaol.

Yes that’s right – one year in prison without trial.

It is possible that he will remain in prison until September as his trial for the occupation of the Raytheon roof in Frenchay business Park is scheduled for September 2nd at Bristol crown court.

His trial for witness intimidation resulting from a minor comment  made in court to EDO/MBM/ITT Managing Director Paul Hills is set to take place in August. Read the rest of this entry »


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Support The Bristol Aid Convoy To Gaza

Posted by anti militarist on November 11, 2009

3Support the Bristol Aid Convoy to Gaza and the Bristol Gaza Link. Building humanitarian, cultural, educational and social links between Bristol and the people of Gaza.2

we can and we will break the siege

find out more at

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EDO and Israel

Posted by anti militarist on November 11, 2009

Since 2004 two managing directors of the company have confirmed the company owns the patents of two essential components used by the Israeli Air Force F16 aircraft called the VER-2. Read the rest of this entry »

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Three day blockade at Carmel Agrexco – Boycott Israeli Produce

Posted by anti militarist on November 9, 2009

2For three consecutive days Carmel Agrexco in Hayes, Middlesex was blockaded to raise awareness over the continued sale of illegal settlement produce here in the UK. Protestors endured violence and aggression from both Carmel staff and police beyond enduring freezing temperatures and little sleep. In total five protestors were arrested.

On Friday, 6th November, pro-Palestinian activists carried out the first of what was to be three consecutive days of blockading at Carmel Agrexco’s depot in Hayes, Middlesex. The action saw a coalition of students from Kings, UCL, SOAS and Goldsmiths, saw members from Anachists Against the Wall and the International Solidarity Movement as well as other independent activists and individuals come together to implement the blockades. Read the rest of this entry »

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