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EDO Decommissioners in court for rooftop protest

Posted by anti militarist on July 3, 2009

images Three of the EDO Decommissioners appeared at  Yate magistrates on Monday 29th June. In a recent development they’ve been charged with criminal damage to the roof of the Raytheon offices at the business park in Frenchay. According to Premiere Holdings, the owners of the property, the amount of damage is £32000.  So a second crown court appereance awaits them, starting with a commital on August 24th. The campaign has it on good authority that it’s the Brighton police  pushing for the prosecutions as they are trying to build enough evidence for the E.D.O. case in October.

Protesters defiant: “I am the accuser not the accused”images

Raytheon should be in the dock they are the worlds biggest producer of missiles. Raytheon is enabling Israeli forces to engage in practices that violate international law, UN Resolutions and the human rights of the Palestinian people through being a major manufacturer of munitions used by the Israeli army. Raytheon has also supplied electronic equipment for the Israeli Wall. Fragments of Raytheon weapons have been found in Lebanon and more recently a school in the Gaza strip.

Raytheon’s Paveway guided bomb system, was “the most widely used precision munition in Operation Iraqi Freedom. More than 8,700 were dropped.” We are all now well aware of the illegal basis of the Iraqi war, its failure to find any WMD’s and its ongoing toll on the civilian population. The death toll in Iraq since 2003 is now believed to be around 1,000,000 thats equal to nine hiroshimas.

On 11 June 2008, by a unanimous verdict of the jury, the Raytheon 9 were found not guilty of three counts of criminal damage at the Raytheon offices,valued at £300,000 , in Derry Northern Ireland on 9 August 2006. With this president being set under British law, some of the Bristol defendants are optimistic of similar verdict but they will need your help thanks for reading, watch this space.


2 Responses to “EDO Decommissioners in court for rooftop protest”

  1. solomon said

    go go go!! fu*k edo, smash the arms trade, free the edo 9!!
    no prisons, no police state, rehabilitation not incarsaration,
    love people,
    love life,
    love yourself!!


    !!!!!BURN IT DOWN!!!!

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