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Free Elijah Smith Free Palestine

Posted by anti militarist on July 2, 2009

Long Live Palestine Long Live Gaza
Please write to Elijah @
Elija Smith VP 7551
HMP Lewes 1 Brighton Rd, Lewes Sussex. BN7 1EA



2 Responses to “Free Elijah Smith Free Palestine”

  1. eleonora said

    confrontation is the only discussion we have to transmitt.boycott army’s industry.ele from italy.peace is our dialogue.resist.see you in g8.

  2. eleonora said

    free people from the prison.especially the activists.change the rule is not simple but possible.amnesty.and yet more.try to immagine peope taking the same decision in the same time.explenning a reason.un’urlo che non può tacere.un silenzio che non conosce confine.

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