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Prison Picket Wall Of Sound Protest

Posted by anti militarist on March 23, 2009

On the 16th of January 6 people broke into an arms factory to try and prevent the supply of weapons being used for war crimes in Palestine. They brought the factory to a standstill causing £300,000 worth of damage.

Two of the six are still in Prison, one of them is in Horfield, Bristol

On Saturday 21st March somewhere between 50 and 100 people marched around Horfield Prison in Bristol in a “Wall of Sound” protest to show solidarity with those who tried to disable the Israeli war machine when Israel was in the process of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.


There was drums, a mobile soundsystem and dancing in the street.




picture-017 picture-0191



“The Hand That Make Bombs Can Also Break Bombs”


2 Responses to “Prison Picket Wall Of Sound Protest”

  1. Stig said

    Prison picket makes global media . . . .

  2. c said

    Direct action in solidarity with EDO 2 – Brighton

    @ | 30.03.2009 11:40 | Anti-militarism | Palestine | Social Struggles | World
    In the night of 29 March 2009, the prison probation service building of Brighton was attacked with paintbombs and spraypaint signs “No War” & “EDO 2”. The HSBC bank next door was also smashed windows.

    These actions have been taken in solidarity with the ‘EDO 2’, Robert and Elijah, that are jailed in this period because they attacked the factory of arms EDO in Brighton (suppliers of the Israeli army). With these energies we wish to extend the fight against the objectives of the judicial and capitalist system. We can only attack one or two targets this time but the unique attacks they express always to us our rage against the total network of oppression.

    Thus these energies are taken also in the solidarity and the collective effort with those that fight the NATO summit in Strasbourg and those that take the streets in London against the G20 this week.

    Solidarity means attack – For a hot summer.


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