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Not Guilty – “Resisting War Crimes Is Not A Crime” – Its Official

On  the 30th of June and the 2 July 2010 the defendants in the edo decommissioners case were found Not Guilty. Five by unanimous verdicts of the Jury and two later by direction of the judge. The group,  admitted they broke into the plant and sabotaged equipment, causing damage estimated at about £200,000.

But during their four – week trial at Hove Crown Court the activists said they were legally justified in breaking into the factory because they believe EDO/ITT are breaking export rules by selling military equipment to Israel, which they believed would be used to commit war crimes in the occupied territories of Palestine.

A decommissioners said “We made our case very clear and 12 normal people from Sussex heard that case and agreed unanimously that we’d done nothing wrong. We did around £200,000 of damage and we’ve never denied that. We did what we believed was necessary and the jury agreed.

Caroline Lucas said: ‘I am absolutely delighted that the jury has recognised that the actions of the decommissioners were a legitimate response to the atrocities being committed in Gaza. I do not advocate non violent direct action lightly; however in this situation it is clear that the decommissioners had exhausted all democratic avenues and, crucially, that their actions were driven by the responsibility to prevent further suffering in Gaza.’

Noam Chomsky said ‘I would like to express my respect and admiration for those who are undertaking non-violent resistance to oppose British participation in Israel’s cruel crimes in Gaza.’

The trial followed just a few days after 9 people who attempted to decommission Raytheon in Derry during Israel’s 2009 assault on Gaza were also acquitted by a jury.

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18 Responses to “Not Guilty – “Resisting War Crimes Is Not A Crime” – Its Official”

  1. Smash EDOs..resist the israel and american warfare…resist them wherever you are not alone…in solidarity..

  2. T Venkat said

    Red Salute to our comrades, we are with you. how many ever may be incarcerated, tortured and denied their rights, but our fights for a profit free, arms free, just and equal world will never be defeated. We stand proud today in remembrance of the great sacrifices of our fellow comrades.

    In solidarity

  3. Dharmesh Shah said

    Dear James,

    This is Dharmesh Shah from Chennai, India. I learnt about your fabulous action for peace through a friend. It is really encouraging to know that people like you with guts to do things for what they believe in do exist. Its ironic that demanding peace can get you into trouble but then my surprise dies out when I look into my backyard, India where the state has unleashed armed violence and terror on its own people in the name of development.

    However, all I would like to say is our good wishes are with you. Even though they have imprisoned you, your thoughts are free and reaching all of us and inspiring us to do what we do.

    • A Decommissioner said

      Thanks Dharmesh for this contribution.

      Unfortunately there are arms factories here in Bristol, U.K. that supply the Indian government for this internal war you refer to. I am aware of this conflict and the issues around it.

      Hence my call to SMASH THE GLOBAL ARMS TRADE

      Best wishes,
      A Decomissioner

  4. harvey said

    “No government’s condemnation of terrorism is credible if it cannot show itself to be open to change by nonviolent dissent”

    · Arundhati Roy

    Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience imposed by the individual State”

    · Nuremburg War Crimes Tribunal

  5. George Coombs said

    It is, of course perfectly true to say that ‘Resisting war crimes is not a crime.’The valiant people on trial in Hove Court today have shown courage and boldness in opposing the supply of arms and components to Israel as its pursues its policies of terror and barbarism against the people of Gaza. I was only to pleased and privileged to stand beside the peaceful demonstrators
    outside Hove Crown Court recently; I live nearby and it was good to be there and I will be giving full support in the future. Courage and solidarity to all
    George Coombs

  6. david mulroy said

    Hello all just wondering if anyone has upto date information on how the last few days of the trial have went since the last post “one down eight to go?” cheers,with solidarity Davey

  7. Chérif BOUDELAL said


    Bravo pour votre héroïsme, militants de la liberté.
    Le Combat continue.

    Chérif BOUDELAL,
    Collectif Pais Comme Palestine -France

  8. Emmanuelle Clément said

    BRAVO !!!

  9. jean bednarek said

    Vous etes dignes de figurer aupres de vos anciens qui donnèrent leur vie pour nous conserver la liberté.
    Tant que l’Angleterre pourra engendrer de tels “Héros”, elle restera une grande nation.

  10. Naomi said

    Many congratulations to all involved with the successful decommissioning action and the legal follow-up. You have done a great service for everyone involved in combatting dealers in death in Palestine-Israel and around the world.

  11. Joseph Berbery said

    Merci de me permettre de ne pas désespérer de l’Humanité.

    Vous êtes l’Honneur des troupeaux de consommateurs que nous sommes devenus.

    Merci d’être sortis du troupeau.

  12. BlackDjai said

    I’m very and sincerely proud of you!!!!
    There is still man for which human life means something.
    Thanks a lot for your courage and determination.


  13. Jokarus said

    Hia ll,

    congratulationr for what you did!
    It is so surprising that such weapon lobby wasn’t protected by the brit governement.
    Such event tells us that everything is possible!
    Let us keep on going our own struggle!
    We have the number with us so we must succeed.

  14. rola said

    félicitations à vous tous! c’est vraiment magnifique ce que vous avez fait au nom de la liberté et du droit d’un peuple opprimé et oublié de tous.bravo!


  15. glenn rose said

    Times when undergoing this kind of business as a matter of principle makes us/me feel somewhat inadequate … indeed, congratulations. And a small glimmer of hope that it is, indeed, possible to make a point through facing (out)due process of law, in trial by jury. BUT – this hasn’t exactly been headline news, has it? Nothing in tabloids, not even in Grauniad, and as far as I know, not on BBC. How does one get this extraordinarily important case into the news proper? It’s getting the message over to those who are not looking for it that makes what should be its proper impact …

  16. Brilliant News, lets hope the arms companies think twice before building their factorys in the UK.

  17. Mario said

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